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Willowbrook - Corporate Location

9637 Cypress Creek Parkway West, Suite B

Houston, Texas 77070


Monday - Friday • 9:00am - 5:00pm (Central Time)


24 Hours / 7 Days a Week

The Ultimate marriage between cutting edge

and vintage

TMB Recording Studio has developed into one of the most outstanding recording complex in Houston. Great audio is our number one priority. Our goal at TMB is to give the artist, producer, and engineer every color on the palette with white to paint their picture. So come by and let us help turn your dreams into reality.


Studio Policies Terms and Conditions

Services and Rates

Services must be paid in full. We accept cash, money order, Visa or Matercard before recording begins. This is a strict policy that TMB adhere to. If you cannot do so recording will not commence. TMB Recording Studio has a full guarantee (see below). If you are not fully satisfied with the final work your money will be entirely refunded.

All charges include one CD of the finished mixes. More copies can be provided, upon request, for $5 extra per additional CD. The recording media (DVD of the ProTools session can be purchased for $20.00 or will otherwise be reused (erased) after the period of one week. Please note: if you'd like to maintain your original master recordings after the recording session make sure to purchase a DVD of the ProTools session immediately after the session - otherwise they will be permanently lost - this means that you will not be able to edit or work with the recording you made in the future!

Deposit and Requesting Time Slot

A $55.00 deposit will guarantee a time slot you request. 

Cancellation Fee

There is a $55.00 cancellation fee if  TMB not notified at least 1 days before the session. This amount will not be refunded. To avoid paying cancellation fees please only book your session if you are 100% certain that you can make it as scheduled.

Start and End Time

The session clock begins at the scheduled session start time that both parties agree upon. If you arrive early and the studio can accommodate an early start, then the session clock will begin at that early start time. If you are late for any reason, you will be charged from the scheduled session start time, with no exceptions. And please call if you are going to be late!


You are responsible for all monies due to the studio and shall make payment to the studio as follows: cash, money order, Visa or Matercard. No personal checks are accepted. No media will be turned over to you until full payment is made for that day.

TMB Recording Studio Guarantee

Upon completion of your recording project you will have the opportunity to hear the results within the studio. TMB will play short samples of the completed work for your listening. Upon full review of the audio samples, there is no obligation to pay if not satisfied, and any deposits or previous payment will be returned upon request. No audio or data will be released, however, without full payment for agreed studio and mixing time. This guarantee no longer applies to work once the completed CD is in your hands and leaves the studio.

Leaving Gear Behind

If  gear is left at the studio TMB will do it’s best to ensure that it's stored safely. However, TMB cannot be held responsible in the event that your gear is damaged through unwillful occurrence (water damage, theft etc). By signing this you agree that TMB Recording Studio is not responsible for loss or damage to gear left behind due to such events.

Gear Damaged Due To Willful

Or Accidental Negligence

If you or anyone in your party breaks or damages anything you agree to pay for it. This includes microphones, headphones, amps, guitars etc.

Studio Rules

  1. 1.No smoking inside the studio, the smoke particles can damage audio gear. Please smoke outside and be courteous of neighbors.

  2. 2.No food or beverages allowed near any recording equipment.

  3. 3.Behavior: TMB Recording Studio is a recording studio in a family home environment. Drugs or any illicit behavior is strictly prohibited anywhere on the premises.

Studio Hours

Normal working hours for  TMB Recording Studio are 9:00am to 6:00pm. There will be occasional breaks and one hour (not charged) for lunch for 8 hour sessions. Weekend and evening sessions may be booked as well at a higher rate; call or email for details. Under no circumstances will any sessions other than voice-over work extend past 8:00pm due to the residential location.

Musical Tastes

TMB reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone for any reason. If our musical tastes don't match you'd likely get better results working with a different studio.

Studio Downtime

If the studio should suffer any failure due to forces of nature or otherwise TMB agrees to reschedule studio time with you at an agreeable time for both parties. If the recording system should fail during your session you will receive equivalent free time to make up for this.


The person responsible for paying for studio time must sign an agreement and will be held responsible for the actions of all artists and guests he or she brings to any session. The client must show a legal ID with proof of age. If the client is under 18 years of age the client's parent or legal guardian must read and sign this agreement and provide a legal ID, as well as additional proof of guardianship if last names are different, and will be held responsible for all actions and debts of the client.

These rules apply to all persons. There are absolutely no exceptions whatsoever. This ensures a healthy business relationship for you as a recording artist and for the studio as well.

If you have any questions with any of these rules for any reason please let TMB know in advance.

Hourly Rates

Tracking Recording       $55.00 hourly (with Producer and Engineer)

Mixing                            $55.00 hourly (with Producer and Engineer)

Mastering                       $55.00 hourly (with Producer and Engineer)

Vocal Instruction            $55.00 hourly (with Producer and Engineer)

Block Time

2 Hour Block                 Call for pricing (with Producer and Engineer)

4 Hour Block                 Call for pricing (with Producer and Engineer)

6 Hour Block                 Call for pricing (with Producer and Engineer)

8 Hour Block                 Call for pricing (with Producer and Engineer)